What our clients say about us

  • Nicholas Lynch

    President and Chief Operating Officer of Roscom Inc., a PVC manufacturing company in Croydon, PA

    “Overall, on a scale of one to 10, they’re
    a 10.”

  • Gregg Chaplin

    President of G.E. Chaplin Inc. and QCR USA Inc., both located in Flemington, NJ

    “John (Horvath) gave me some good
    guidance early and assisted me in buying
    this business.”

  • Steve Distler

    Principal owner of Elements, a fine dining restaurant in Princeton, NJ
    A principal founder of the Bank of Princeton

    “Their cost-allocation expertize was helpful
    in minimizing taxes as we developed these

  • Rick Dickinson

    An artist and former co-owner of Associated Group in Willingboro, NJ, which included eight companies specializing in mechanical insulation, asbestos removal, and interior demolition.

    “We were like partners…”

  • Casey R. Sullivan

    Owner of R.J. Sullivan Corporation, a company in Pompano Beach, FL, which constructs water and waste water treatment plants.

    “They’re worth their weight in gold to me,”
    Sullivan said.

  • Paul Sobel

    President/Chief Executive Officer of Dataline, Inc. a provider of consumer marketing information, digital assets, and custom modeling services.

    "They are a very professional and capable
    group. In today’s complex business
    environment, I trust them to give me the
    right advice," Sobel said.

  • Barry Miller

    Owner of Network Logistics, a shipping and warehousing company based in Doylestown, PA

    “I’ve helped get new business for them and
    they’ve helped get new business for me.”

  • Don Drust

    Owner of two ShopRite supermarkets in Wallingford, CT and Southington, CT, whose total revenues exceed $42 million

    “We’re not treated like cattle there. We
    always feel like we get special attention.
    Sometimes with bigger firms, you feel like
    you get lost.”

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